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Fm Transmitter Uk Buy

A personal FM transmitter is a low-power FM radio transmitter that broadcasts a signal from a portable audio device (such as an MP3 player) to a standard FM radio. Most of these transmitters plug into the device's headphone jack and then broadcast the signal over an FM broadcast band frequency, so that it can be picked up by any nearby radio. This allows portable audio devices to make use of the louder or better sound quality of a home audio system or car stereo without requiring a wired connection. They are often used in cars[1] but may also be in fixed locations such as broadcasting from a computer sound card throughout a building.[2]

fm transmitter uk buy

Personal FM transmitters are commonly used as a workaround for playing portable audio devices on car radios that don't have an Auxiliary "AUX" input jack or Bluetooth audio connectivity. They are also used to broadcast a stationary audio source, like a computer or a television, around a home. They can also be used for low-power broadcasting and pirate radio but only to a very limited audience in near proximity. They can also be used as a "talking sign" in real estate sales or similar.[4] Devices can be operated by connecting to the audio source or to a proprietary port of a specific device it is made for. In addition, certain devices such as hands-free car kits, navigation tools such as the TomTom GO, mobile phones like some Nokia Nseries models, and MP3 players may have FM transmitters built-in, however this has become uncommon.

In the United States, Part 15 of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission rules specifies that no license is needed if range of the transmitter does not exceed 200 feet (61 meters),[8] although the Part 15 rules specify that the field strength should not exceed 250 µV/m (48db) at 3 meters,[9] which is less than the service contour for commercial stations (60db),[10] necessary for the satisfactory reception of FM stereo.

Radioactive supply professional broadcast fm transmitters from the leading brands around the world, including RVR, DB Broadcast, Elenos, BW Broadcast, TEM, OMB, CTE, SIEL and many others.

If you need advice regarding what fm radio transmitter or other broadcast equipment to go for, please contact our Technical Director Max Graef on +44 7525 146782 or [email protected] for tailored advice to suit your needs and budget.

The Nulaxy NX12 is a compact FM transmitter that has about the same profile as a standard USB car charger. The unit transmits loud, clean sound with strong bass that is amplified with an optional bass booster feature. Despite the compact size, the NX12 sports three ports (a Quick Charge 3.0, Type C PD 18W, and a standard USB port for thumb drives or direct connection of a phone or MP3 player), a volume knob as well as a channel button and display. Additionally, answering incoming calls is as easy as pressing the volume knob and speaking into the built-in microphone.

While we appreciate the compact size of the NX12, we did experience some frustration with the positioning of both the QC and USB-C ports. When the unit is plugged in, these ports are almost flush with the car socket, making accessing them a little challenging without unplugging the unit. Additionally, when the NX12 is charging a device such as a phone, it produces a slightly fuzzy sound quality. That said, this transmitter has some of the best sound quality in the class and the fuzziness is quite mild compared to some other contenders.

While the KM18 is packed with features, they come at the cost of size. That is not to say that this transmitter is overly big, but it's not what we'd call low profile either. Moreover, the large display screen is a bit heavy for its spindly neck and can result in the unit moving away from the user as she pushes, for example, the phone call receive button. However, the length of the neck may be a boon for those with electric sockets deeply set in the car's console. If the size of this transmitter suits your needs, then you'll be happy to know that it delivers a very loud, high-fidelity sound.

Unfortunately, this product is not without its shortcomings. First of all, some people might not like the light show. And, while one can change the color, you can't turn the lights completely off. Another issue is that the radio frequency adjustment is a bit convoluted requiring a two-step process. Finally, there isn't an AUX port. However, we think the micro SD card port more than mitigates this lack, making this the go-to budget transmitter.

The Sumind Wireless Radio Adapter is a decent quality transmitter with a large LCD screen providing the user with a host of data. Specifically, the screen displays the name of the device connected, the volume level, the radio frequency that the unit is transmitting, whether a Bluetooth connection has been established, and the name of the program being played. The user interface conveniently includes frequency/channel buttons (a feature we really appreciate), track navigation buttons, a volume dial and phone call receive/disconnect button. There is also a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

Unfortunately, the sound quality emitted by this transmitter is fuzzy, bordering on crunchy. Additionally, background static is issued when charging a device through the transmitter. Another concern is the broad user interface capping the socket plug, which may not fit all vehicles. All in all, you can get a much better-performing device for around the same amount of money by choosing one of the award-winning products mentioned above.

The LIHAN Dual USB Port looks a lot like a high-end transmitter, but we're here to tell you that it falls short of this superficial impression. Yes, it has a faux carbon fiber shell that looks snappy, its black with orange accents have an urban flair, and its minimalistic user interface is a nod to Scandinavian design. However, this is where the complimentary critique ends.

At its essence, a transmitter has one job: transmitting audio that is true to its source through a radio frequency that a car stereo can receive. That's it. In our testing, the LIHAN failed to deliver on this modest expectation.

The FM transmitter market appears to be flat and simplistic; however, this is not the case. When one listens to a variety of musical genres transmitted through one device after another it becomes clear that similar-looking and comparably priced machines perform at drastically different quality levels. That's where we can help you. Allow us to spend the money and time to buy all the leading models and test them. The following is a report of such an endeavor, and it lays out how we tested, and more importantly, which models performed well and why.

No one wants to spend tons of time futzing with a little electronic device just to get a little music going to enrich their drive. We place a high value on the ease of operation of the transmitting device. The main issue with transmitters is changing the FM frequency. This action is necessary because when there is a station broadcasting on the selected frequency, it can overwhelm the transmitter's signal, thus reducing the sound quality. We favor units with frequency or channel buttons and a clear screen displaying the frequency being transmitted. Models that met this standard are the Nulaxy KM18 and Sumind. Unfortunately, most models require a two-step process to make adjustments to the frequency.

The features metric also looks at the user interface. Here, we take note of the array of buttons and knobs controlling radio frequency, volume, and track navigation. As a testament to Nulaxy's thoughtful designs, the NX12 excels in both the profile and features metrics. Our hat is off to this transmitter as it boasts 3 USB ports, volume/phone call receive knob/button, frequency display, and a built-in microphone while maintaining a profile similar to a simple USB charger.

If you landed here looking for equipment to build your radio station, you are in the right place. We have FM transmitters, antennas and cabling at levels of quality and price you will not find anywhere else on the internet. We are a British company manufacturing our own designed equipment to the highest standards in OUR OWN (no sub contracting) factory in Dominican Republic. Forget the others with all their expensive middle men taking a cut and the cheap Chinese junk. Bypass all that hassle and just go direct to us.

Click on any of the images below for more details on our incredible FM transmitters and remember, our prices INCLUDE SHIPPING, they include FIVE YEARS WARANTY and are COMPLIANT WITH EU/CE AND FCC TECHNICAL STANDARDS for FM broadcasting.

The most important part of your radio station is not the FM transmitter, you guessed it the antenna. If you have an all singing and dancing FM transmitter that is the best, but a naff antenna, it's like having Tesla S Plaid with a flat battery and tyres, you're going nowhere fast. In conclusion, the antenna is IMPORTANT, make sure you choose the right one. If you're not sure what you need, talk to us and we'll be happy to advise you.

In addition to the main items, FM transmitters, amplifiers and antennas, we also sell other items like spare parts, components, filters, STLs, limiters, audio equipment etc. Check out the buttons here and have a browse through. If there's something you need that's not there, like studio equipment which we supply all the time for customers, talk to us and we can help you with this too, at the right price!.

With over 30 years experience of developing broadcast transmitters, you can be assured we are committed to delivering you the latest technologies, with a dedication to making you the number one radio station in your market.Want to know more, click here to download our corporate brochure 041b061a72


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