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Enter The Dragon

Bruce Lee plays a monk who enters a brutal martial arts tournament to which only the best are invited. His athletic prowess lands him there, but he's also serving as a spy who's out to prove that the contest's manager is a player in the drug trade.

Enter the Dragon

The Zeiterion is a non-profit performing arts center that entertains, educates, and inspires South Coast Massachusetts with an array of high quality performing artists. It provides engaging learning opportunities that contribute to the cultural, social and economic vitality of our community.

Kim Chong-chin, from the Yongsan Visual Information Support Center, designed the emblem with an eye toward Korean folklore. A native of Uijeongbu, South Korea, Kim said the task force emblem took two months to complete.

Eighth Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. John D. Johnson came up with the idea of the dragon emblem, according to Kim. During his two and a half years in command, Johnson has shepherded Eighth Army through its transformation from an Army Service Component Command to a Field Army capable of commanding combined and joint corps-level combat formations.

John Saxon (A Nightmare on Elm Street) plays Roper in Enter the Dragon. Ostensibly the second protagonist, Roper is a martial artist competing in the tournament on Han's private island to clear his gambling debts. Han approaches him to join his drug ring, but he refuses, joining Lee's character in bringing down the entire criminal enterprise. Saxon notably insisted on his character surviving the events of the movie in order to gain his appearance.

Bruce Lee explodes onto the screen in the film that rocketed him to international superstardom, Enter The Dragon. Recruited by an intelligence agency, martial arts student Lee (Lee--Fists of Fury, The Chinese Connection) participates in a brutal tournament at a remote island fortress in an attempt to gather enough evidence to convict the international drug-trafficker responsible for the murder of Lee's sister. In the now-classic fight-to-the-death finish, two men enter a mirrored maze, but only one will exit...NOTE: Though uncredited, future superstars Chuck Norris, playing a messenger, and Jackie Chan, as Oharra's henchman, appear in this 1973 martial arts spectacular. This special 50th anniversary event includes exclusive insight from Turner Classic Movies.

There once was a great dragon, red like blood. He was a terrible serpent, ancient beyond human memory. His power and cunning were beyond human reckoning, and he was evil beyond all depraved human imagination.

And the dragon abhorred man. He hated them out of his virulent, bitter hatred for the High King who had created man. For, you see, the dragon too was a creature, having been fashioned by the King in ages long past, though not as a dragon, but as a magnificent prince.

So, when this dragon saw that the High King had fashioned mankind in his own image, that he made them gods as he had once been, and had given them to rule over the earth, he was enraged. He burned with bitter hatred and longed to shatter these images of the One he hated most.

The dragon exulted as the deeply grieved King cast his broken images out of the blessed garden of his favor, into a world now cursed, one the dragon could now rule. He savored each sentence of judgment pronounced upon the fallen gods, and relished the endragoning that must surely await them.

Then all at once, the dark stars aligned: the lethal leaders, the traitorous confidant, the disillusioned people, the faithless friends, the immoral tetrarch, and the pragmatic prefect. All aligned against the Dragon Slayer and with terrible, brutal swiftness, the deadly dragon struck. And the great Son of the High King lay slain in the bloody bed that he had made.

Waves of horror washed over him as he watched all his hopes collapse around him like a castle of cards in the wind. What he thought so wise proved foolish; what he thought so foolish was proved wise beyond comprehension. Whatever glory the dragon thought he had grasped in his terrible claws, the Son had just snatched away.

This was the worst possible sentence upon a being of such diabolical pride: the dragon would die a billion deaths of shame before the Dragon Slayer finally destroyed him. And with the great wrath of unfathomable humiliation, the dragon loosed a terrible roar. 041b061a72


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