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Let’s Make Professional Jewelry is an educational Facebook group focused on traditional jewelry making skills by replicating the projects in Revere’s classic book, Professional Jewelry Making. The book includes step-by-step instructions and close-up photos documenting how to make 35 classic pieces of jewelry by hand.


LMPJ takes on a new project every three weeks. The group follows Revere’s book very closely, as members work at their own benches around the world. Members are encouraged to post their work along with comments. Administrators and others then respond with comments and suggestions to help the maker move forward.


The group welcomes beginners, hobbyists, and students, as well as serious makers, jewelry artists, professional bench jewelers, designers, manufacturers, and others who are interested in learning how jewelry is made by hand. Administrators, like Revere, are professionals in the field and include Michael David Sturlin, Melissa Muir, and Tim McCreight.

The group began when a few people decided to follow the projects in Revere’s book and make them one-by-one together – but in different locations. When the group reached six members Alan Revere was invited to join. At that point he became the administrator, set up a schedule, and began guiding the program. The group has expanded and developed a sense of community of over 23,000 members representing 158 countries plus Antarctica

LMPJ has been an antidote to the virus. Despite being sequestered during the pandemic, members are able to communicate with others around the globe who are working on the same project at the same time


Christine Rizzi-Archer of Connecticut  says, “Thank you, all of you, who gave me something on Facebook to read that wasn't politically caustic and disheartening. I was reminded that so many of you are out there doing your thing and working to do it better. Thank you for saving my sanity and being the first thing I pull up on the computer every morning.”

Aside from the cost of a book, or $9.99 for the eBook – membership in the group, participation, instruction, and feedback are all free.

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