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Revere Trailer for All

Revere Trailer for All

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In each of the eight projects included in the Rio Grande-exclusive Revere On Jewelry Making series, Alan Revere teaches fundamental skills that are essential to crafting beautiful silver and gold jewelry. This series, originally presented on individual DVDs, remains a timeless treasure trove of expert information on a wide array of professional techniques for making jewelry—information that is available to you on demand, to build your skills and expand your jeweler's toolbox. This series teaches jewelry-making fundamentals as well as more-advanced techniques necessary to becoming a professional jewelry-maker. Revere shares hundreds of helpful tips invaluable to both beginners and accomplished jewelers.

In Revere On Jewelry Making video series, you’ll get:
• Project One: Japanese-Pattern Earrings (560151)
• Project Two: Reticulated Wedding Band (560152)
• Project Three: Bezel Pendant (560153)
• Project Four: Silver ID Bracelet (560154)
• Project Five: Donut Ring (560155)
• Project Six: Forged Ring (560156)
• Project Seven: Hinged Box (560157)
• Project Eight: 18K Emerald-Cut Basket Ring (560158)

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