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10,000 Bench Tricks with Alan Revere

June 1, 2022 - 5 Hours


An old master once said, “Jewelry making is really pretty simple; there are only a few metal techniques like cutting, filing, bending, soldering, casting and hammering. But there are 10,000 tricks.” 

Sit back and spend a few hours watching master goldsmith Alan Revere demonstrate dozens of short cuts, tricks, tips, gizmos and gadgets to make jewelry work easier. Lean over the master’s shoulder and learn practical methods for saving time and money, including techniques for layout, holding, forming, cutting, soldering, cleaning, finishing, filing, setting, fabrication, repair and much more. An open discussion with participants, many of whom are also experienced jewelers, provides new and unusual insights into ways to work better, smoother and with more fun. This is a lecture demonstration workshop, not hands-on. 


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Tools are Jewels

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They say that the right tool is half the job. In fact in some cases it’s 100% of the job.


Learn how to select tools, evaluate, maintain, modify, sharpen, make, adapt, hold, recycle tools and more.

The tools we use are the products of hundreds of years of improvement on innovations that are thousands of years old. The tools we use were designed to be used in a particular way for maximum efficiency, safety, and versatility, and yet many people don’t even hold tools the right way.


When I was a student in Germany I was taught by masters specifically how to hold files, pliers, gravers, etc, not always how you might think 


When I couldn’t find hammers and pliers to meet my needs, I designed improved models that were made in Germany and Thailand to my specifications, and provided to students a the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.


Learn how to sharpen gravers and drill bits, use a saw blade to drill holes, make soldering aids, clean files, clip solder, reshape pliers, create safe edge files, use checkering files, modify files, sharpen files, tighten and reattach hammer heads, use a saw as a file, use setter’s files, checkering files, round edge joint files, screw head files and diamond files.

Alan Revere 4 piece pliers_edited_edited.png

If you are interested in upcoming workshops and would like to stay up-to-date with details, please let me know.


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To Know

Solid Soldering
Jewelry Design
Chains of Love
Going Tubular
Starting Setting
Saw Away
File This, File That
Roll, Roll, Roll Your Metal
Flex Your Shaft



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