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Error 1309 Troubleshooting Tips for Autodesk Products

i have to move my personal files and settings from my old pc to a new pc. my old pc is 32-bit, the new pc is 64-bit. when i try to move the files from my old pc to my new pc, i get an error code 1309. i googled it, and it seems that this is due to the 64-bit version of windows being installed on a 32-bit processor. how can i correct this problem?

error 1309 error reading from file pes 2013

my computer stops and gives me a message that there is an error reading from the file. i have tried to check the file in the "c:\windows\inf" folder, but it is missing. i have never encountered this error before. please help!

i've run into this error twice and i'm new to the operating system so i don't have a clue what to do. i downloaded a program from a website and i got this error code so i uninstalled the program and then it worked. then i installed another program and i got the error code again. i uninstalled it again and the error went away. i'm on windows 7.

i have the windows defender firewall installed. whenever i try to install a program, it gives me the error code 1309. i googled it and it seems to be a hardware problem. i have a gateway 6610-0823n laptop. what can i do to fix this problem?

so i got an error message saying that there is no compatible driver with my computer and that i should update my drivers. well i have tried to update them with the information that they gave me but it didn't work. so i'm here.

i have an error code 1309 on my windows vista laptop. i also have a windows 7 laptop that was previously installed on it. the error code is not present on either of the laptops. both of them have the same hardware and were installed by the same technician on the same day. i've read about this error code on the internet and on here and have been told that i may be missing a device driver or that i am trying to run an application that's for a different version of windows. i have the latest version of windows xp and vista on both laptops.


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