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Alan Revere

holds a unique

position in the jewelry

world, with one foot firmly

planted as an award-winning

jewelry designer and the other

as a world-class teacher.


It is no wonder that Alan Revere

has been called A Master’s Master.



Regardless of his medium,

Alan evidences unusual

creative ability and skill in its use.

His work is characterized by

thoughtful planning, a good sense of

color, and precise workmanship.

He has original ideas which he carries out carefully, independently,

and very successfully.

     - Elizabeth Bingham,

Alan’s 5th grade teacher 

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  • Author - 100 articles, 8 videos, 7 books on jewelry

  • Instructor - 10,000 students

  • Designer and creator - signature jewelry collection

  • Winner - national and international jewelry awards

  • Founder and director - Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California (1979-2017)

  • Founding president - Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (1986-2018)

  • Past president - American Jewelry Design Council

  • Facebook administrator - 24,000 makers in group

  • Winner - 3 lifetime achievement awards

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