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Buying Dvc Direct From Disney

When purchasing directly from Disney buyers must choose from the limited selection of contracts that Disney is currently selling. Disney is currently officially selling contracts at the new Riviera Resort and the Aulani Resort. It can be possible from time to time to purchase other home resorts directly from Disney, but it is subject to limited availability. Disney also only sells contracts of 100 points or more. While periodically owner upgrades or Right of First Refusal buybacks result in Disney having additional contracts to sell through their sales office, the available contracts usually remain limited to only the newest resorts.

buying dvc direct from disney

While purchasing resale can save you thousands of dollars, only members who own 150 points or more and purchased directly from Disney are eligible to use their points to book into a select number of Disney resorts and experiences including Disney Collection Resorts, Disney Cruises, Adventures by Disney and the Disney Concierge Collection.

While the Membership Extras only benefit direct DVC buyers, there are a multitude of ways to obtain similar discounts without purchasing directly through Disney. For example, many resale buyers opt to sign up for a Disney Visa Credit Card by Chase which offers cardholders discounts on dining and shopping as well as other membership perks. Or, you many consider purchasing a Tables of Wonderland membership which offers 20% dining discounts at many Disney dining locations. After performing a cost analysis, most owners and potential owners agree that Membership Extras are not worth the extra cost of purchasing directly from Disney.

You'll learn exactly what each type of member receives and doesn't receive based on the type of purchase you make. While some may not find the benefits that important, to some it's still a major deciding factor when buying DVC direct vs resale.

Best way to buy DVC resale points! Our partner at the DVC Resale Market is the way to go when thinking about purchasing a DVC resale contract. The DVC Resale Market is a reputable, all-in-one, business with over 1,500 active listings. The best part, aside from the massive savings, is that you'll work one on one with one of their expert guides that will guide you through the entire purchasing process! Since most of the guides are former Disney Vacation Club guides, you get the same experience as buying direct without the hefty price tag!

The kicker in all of this is that member benefits vary depending on whether you purchased your DVC contract direct or resale and if you have the required 150 direct points. Meaning, if you purchased your DVC contract through a third-party seller instead of directly from Disney or if you do not own 150 direct points, you will not be able to take advantage of the full list of benefits. This is where the big question of buying direct vs resale comes in as many do want all of the member benefits. For others, however, this is not a dealbreaker.

When you think about how much you end up spending on food and souvenirs, these discounts can really add up and save you lots of money! Admittedly, this is a huge plus for buying direct. While other discounts can be seen as unnecessary, it's hard to say no to discounts on food and merchandise.

A new benefit that was created with the opening of Disney's Riviera Resort is that only direct members are able to book stays at this resort. This means that if you did not purchase directly from Disney, you will not be able to stay here.

While all of these member benefits are wonderful perks to being a Vacation Club member, it's important to know that most of these benefits can disappear at any time. This is because most of these benefits are not included in a Vacation Club contract and are offered at Disney's discretion. So, if you're debating whether to buy direct or resale, you should never base your decision simply on these benefits as they can change at any time. Disney also has the right to determine whether or not a benefit is open only to direct buyers or direct and resale. This was most recently seen when access to the Top of the World Lounge was taken away from non-direct buyers.

This DVC direct vs resale member benefit article focused a lot on what some do and don't get. However, it's important to remember that regardless of how you buy your DVC membership, you are nonetheless a full-fledged member. Aside from having to say no when asked if you qualify for any discount at shopping destinations, your experience as a Vacation Club member is the same and you still benefit from amazing Disney vacations at a fraction of the price. So, don't let these benefits sway you either way. Unless there's a benefit that you can't live without, simply use this as a guide when thinking about purchasing a vacation club membership. Remember, the benefits can, and likely will, change, but your membership and the memories you create is always yours to keep.

It is now becoming harder and harder to ignore the huge savings associated with purchasing a DVC resale contract. With Disney Vacation Club prices when buying direct continuing to skyrocket, the appeal of a direct contract for many members is beginning to wane. Disney Vacation Club Members also are unable to purchase one of the best benefits previously offered to direct members: Walt Disney World Annual Passes. DVC resale is a great way to get all the benefits of a Disney Vacation Club membership for less. Buyers can save up to 50% or more on their DVC membership when they purchase through DVC Resale Market.

Let us know in the comments! What do you think the motivation is for raising these direct Disney Vacation Club prices at this time? Does this increase make you more likely to buy resale or direct? Access all available Disney Vacation Club resale listings, or learn more about buying and selling with DVC Resale Market.

DVC resale works by allowing people to purchase contracts for typically lower prices than buying directly from Disney. Below is a table comparing the current prices per point of purchasing DVC through resale versus direct.

It is important to note that these rates and terms below apply only to points purchased direct from Disney Vacation Club, not to points purchased on the resale market. Minimum purchases are subject to change and can be confirmed with a DVC sales rep. As of 2021, 150 direct purchase points are required in order to be eligible for Membership Magic perks and benefits.

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact from you. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

It's a classic debate in the DVC community: do you buy direct from Disney or save money and buy from the resale market? We recruited three died in the wool, blue-card-carrying, buy direct from Disney evangelists to share the top 5 reasons why people should consider buying directly from Disney.

Currently, to qualify for a Blue Card, you must purchase a minimum of 125 points directly from Disney. Historically, this threshold has increased over time as more and more members join and buy just enough for benefits, as these benefits are costly for DVC. Also, a Blue Cardholder must have a photo ID with them to use the card, proving that they are indeed the Blue Card owner.

It's Disney's way to offer premium advantages to those members buying direct and gives cardholders access to membership extras and exchanges for other trip and accommodation types. Blue Card Members also have NO RESTRICTIONS for where they can use their points within the DVC network.!

This differs significantly from points purchased Resale that can take 3-4 months to get your points from the time you finalize the deal. The reason for the delay is that you're buying from another individual, and once the offer is accepted, it must go through the process of Right of First Refusal by Disney for those same points! You have estoppel. Disney drags their feet on this process to make buying resale less desirable.

However, you might want to consider going ABOVE the current minimum amount of 125 points. Here's why. The incentives get better. The new Riviera and new resorts moving forward restrictions have us thinking that buying at least 40% of the points you need for your ideal stay direct. This way, you can bank and borrow to have access to blue card points to book the rooms, even if you eventually decide to buy a second contract Resale.

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The main differences between buying direct or resale are price (resale is much cheaper) and membership benefits. You get all of the benefits if you buy directly from Disney, but do not get them if you buy on the resale market. There are limited exceptions. When buying directly from Disney, you are considered a full member with member benefits. You can use those points at any DVC resort, on cruises and Adventures by Disney, as well as on the RCI exchange for other destinations.

Another important consideration is timing. Generally speaking, a resale contract takes a couple of months to close. Then, you wait to be able to access the contract and begin booking. For us, buying resale took around 3 months from offer to booking with our new points! 041b061a72


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