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Buy House Botw

Behind the abandoned house in Hateno Village, Link can find Bolson.[2] If Link asks what he is doing, Bolson explains that he is demolishing the building, as nobody wants to live in it.[3] Link can offer to buy the house, though Bolson is suspicious of his ability to do so.[4]

buy house botw

Bolson informs Link that the house has been vacant for years,[5] and the people of Hateno Village decided to pay Bolson Construction 50,000 Rupees to take it down.[6] Therefore, to buy the house, Link would need to pay that amount.[7] However, he decides to lower the cost to 3,000 Rupees and 30 bundles of Wood.[8][note 1] Once Link is aware of the terms,[10] Bolson stops Hudson and Karson's demolition work.[11] This begins the Side Quest.

When Link is able to pay the 3,000 Rupees, Bolson is at first shocked to hear that he is not lying.[14] If Link asserts his willingness, Bolson will accept the payment.[15] He thanks Link for his investment and compliments his ability to spend so much money at his age.[16] As a housewarming gift, Bolson allows Link to keep the Weapon Mount inside that never sold.[17]

After Hudson has left, Bolson suggests that it is time for the two of them to relax.[21] However, from Link's face, Bolson realizes that he thinks they should continue to work on the house,[22] specifically addressing the fact that the house is empty.[23] He offers to take care of additions for 100 Rupees.[24]

Link lives in a house at the center of Hyrule with his uncle. The game begins with Link asleep in his own bed, awakened by a telepathic call for help from Princess Zelda. In a Treasure Chest inside the house, the Lamp can be found; however, if Link forgets to open this chest, the Lamp can be found in a chest in Hyrule Castle. Although the house itself has no further importance to the plot, Link can return there if he so chooses. In the Dark World, a Bomb Shop is located where Link's House is in the Light World.

In the GBA version of the game, by completing different stages in the Riddle Quest, wood carvings of Link, a Cucco, and Zelda can be placed in the house. If they are sprinkled with Magic Powder, they will sparkle. If this is done a second time, they obtain the colors of the real thing, and a third sprinkle will turn them into Bunny Link, a Skeleton Cucco, and an old woman respectively. They return to normal if the game is reset or Link leaves the house.

Link makes his residence in a tree house in Kokiri Forest. On the base of the tree's exterior, a little carving (presumably made by Link) of a man, with a sword, followed by a fairy, and fighting a dragon-like creature can be seen.

When Link is an adult, he can take part in an obstacle course at Lon Lon Ranch. If he manages to beat Malon's record, she will transport a cow to Link's House, from which he can extract Lon Lon Milk by playing "Epona's Song" on his ocarina. How Malon managed to get the cow into the house is never disclosed. Link's records in various mini-games and Side Quests such as his collection of Gold Skulltula Tokens can also be viewed in the house.

Link lives in his grandmother's house with his sister Aryll on Outset Island. If he climbs under the outside deck and follows a path which leads to a hole, he will discover a Treasure Chest containing an orange Rupee, which is worth 100 Rupees. Elixir Soup, a unique liquid that grants health and energy, can be obtained there, as well as Hero's Clothes and Hero's Shield.

Link lives together with his grandfather, Smith in South Hyrule Field. It is the first location seen in the game, and Link can return to rest in his bed to regain any of his lost hearts. Outside, to the left of the door, is a red Rupee that Link can dig up with the Mole Mitts. If Link leaves South Hyrule Field (such as by going into his house), and digs up the same spot, the red Rupee will still be there. This can be done as many times as needed.

Link lives in a treehouse on the outskirts of Ordon Village. After he acquires the lantern, he can find a mirror and a Treasure Chest in the house's cellar, which contains a Purple Rupee. Rusl leaves a chest inside the house containing Link's Wooden Sword, which Rusl had been sharpening. Link can also look out of a window on the top level of his house.

Inside the house are several pictures, some of Link, Ordon Goats, and Fado. On the upper level of the house, there are pictures of Beth, Colin, Talo, Malo and Epona. There are also several items hung on the wall, such as a pitchfork and a Fishing Rod. There is also a kitchen area on the lower level. Above the door of the house there is a flag with a Triforce-like emblem on it.

One interesting aspect of Link's House in Twilight Princess is the apparent lack of a bed. Though it is impossible to enter the house as Wolf Link, after obtaining the Master Sword Link can transform into Wolf Link while inside his house (however he must transform back into Hylian form in order to leave the house).

This house bears a striking resemblance to the treehouse once occupied by the Hero of Time in Ocarina of Time, and considering their similar locations, may be one and the same seeing the relation between the Hero of Time and the new Link of Twilight Princess.

Link lives in Aboda Village together with Niko. The game begins inside Link's House, where Niko relates to him the legend of the Demon King. Link can return to the house to show Niko how many stamps he has collected to obtain various prizes. He can also switch back to the regular shield once he has the Shield of Antiquity, or change between the Recruit Uniform and the Engineer's Clothes. This house is unique as it has boat sails on the roof. The interior of the house is decorated with sailing souvenirs, like a miniature ship or a sailing wheel. There is also a large picture of Niko when he was younger on the wall. One of Niko's sailing souvenirs is a Ship Part, from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Link lives in a house by himself and later allows Ravio and Sheerow to live in his house. Later, Ravio uses Link's House to operate his shop, where he rents items out to Link. The Lorulean counterpart of Link's House is the Vacant House which is apparently Ravio's House as Ravio's Journal can be found there. This is not surprising as Ravio is later revealed to be Link's Lorulean counterpart.

Link can get a house at Hateno Village in the East Necluda region, by doing the side quest "Hylian Homeowner". It costs 3,000 Rupees, as well as 30 bundles of wood. After the price is paid to own the house, Bolson throws in a free weapon display. Eight more displays (two weapon, three bow, and three Shield displays) and several furnishings are available at 100 rupees each. After acquiring all of them, the extra upgrades offered are purely cosmetic aside from the bed and mounts for storing weapons, bows, and shields. The house itself is located in Hateno Village at the northern foot of Ebon Mountain across the wooden bridge connecting the land the house sits on with the Bolson Construction properties. Due to the Myahm Agana Shrine's close proximity northeast of the house it acts as a fast travel point for both Hateno Village and Link's House.

Bolson runs Bolson Construction in Hateno Village having constructed several model homes nearby. Across the bridge that spans over the inlet for Firly Pond Link can find his company working to demolish an abandoned historical old house whose owner had left one hundred years earlier to defend Hyrule during the Great Calamity. The previous owner is implied to be Link himself as he is known to have taken part in an epic battle with the Guardians while defending Fort Hateno one hundred years ago during the Great Calamity which lead to his being injured and placed inside the Shrine of Resurrection and it is implied most people in Hyrule assumed he perished during the battle, as rumors of his survival and placement in the Shrine is implied to be viewed as mere legend. Bolson reveals that the town finally decided to demolish the house after much debate, further implying that the Hylian Champion and elite Royal Knight Captain may have lived there one hundred years ago as it is unlikely that there would have been so much debate had he been a regular knight or soldier, thus suggesting that the owner was held in high regard that his house remained empty for at least one hundred years before the people decided to demolish it. Bolson himself however would rather allow the old home to remain as it is a historic landmark thus is conflicted about demolishing it even though it would clear up the land to construct another new model home. Regardless of the original owner's identity, Link can offer to purchase the house from Bolson, which results in the side quest "Hylian Homeowner". Bolson offers to sell the property to Link in exchange for 30 bundles of Wood and 3,000 Rupees making it the first time Link purchases his house in-game. While doing so is optional there are several benefits to house ownership such as a Bed and equipment mounts. Additionally Link manages to save a historical local landmark from being demolished while providing Bolson Construction with business that saves the company from having to construct a new model home in its place.

After having bought it, Link's House appears here for the rest of the game, and Link can ask Bolson for adding extra features such as a sign, a door, a bed, three weapon mounts, three bow mounts, and three shield mounts which he can use to store weapons, bows, and shields he wishes to keep while freeing up space in his inventory. Once all of these features are added, the quest is completed, and Bolson gives the rest of the furniture for free. A Cooking Pot is located outside the house and is covered by a nearby tree which prevents the fire from going out when it rains, allowing Link to cook regardless of the weather making his home a perfect place to cook meals regardless of the weather. In Link House's backyard has an apple tree and there are stalls for his horses (though the stalls are just for ambiance though Link can keep his horse there while in town). Two Iron Sledgehammers appear next to the house which occasionally respawn. The Hammers were originally used by Bolson Construction during the house's scheduled demolition before Link purchased it saving Bolson and his workers the trouble of demolishing the historic old house. The Horned Statue can be found near Firly Pond that flows under the bridge leading to Link's House. Additionally the side quest "From the Ground Up" becomes available as the worker Hudson goes to Lake Akkala to begin construction on Tarrey Town which Link can assist him in. 041b061a72


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