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Maverick Bell

EyeQ (Version 3.3) - Speed Reading Utorrent

to be able to travel and learn from the best speed reading books, you need to be well-versed in the theory of speed reading. its easy to get started because the set that we provide covers the essential topics. the four core principles from dr. lane reading research are covered in the basic sets: physiology, processing, recognition and memorization. beyond the basics, our more advanced packs include: 1) reading fluency and 2) readability. these advanced sets are based on my own speed reading training: learning to read fluently is the quickest and easiest way to learn the principles. when you master this skill, you will be able to read everything with ease. readability teaches you strategies to make text more accessible to you - like reading smaller words and phrases, shorter paragraphs, or simply using the back of the book to read.

EyeQ (Version 3.3) - Speed Reading Utorrent


as a former speed-reader, i appreciate how formal this book is. the actual speed-reading course is less than 1/4th of the book length, and then only for a section of the book. there are a lot of fun games to practice the strategies that the speed reading author presents in that section. the author divides the book into five parts, and each section contains 100 pages.

what is the benefit? this system consists of three factors: engram, evolutionary and instructional. engram relates to the memory capacity of the brain, evolutionary relates to the way the brain is trained and instructional relates to how the brain processes the information to perform speed reading. in conclusion, it is the combination of these factors that determines the effectiveness of speed reading. this system is based on dr. lanes studies. in the case of this book, it is the way dr. lane teaches the reading fluency and reading ease principles. his studies demonstrate the importance of communicating effectively to the brain using the correct english words, sentence structure and sentences.


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