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The After Party (2018)

In THE AFTER PARTY, an aspiring rapper named Owen (Kyle Harvey, also a rapper known as Kyle) and his best friend and manager, Jeff (Harrison Holzer), seem certain that if Owen can just rap in front of producer Rahmel, he'll get a record contract. Jeff arranges Owen's chance at an open mic night, and just as Owen is about to go on, they meet Wiz Khalifa, playing himself. He offers Owen a joint, which Owen turns down, but Jeff, wanting Owen to seem cooler, urges his friend to take a few tokes. By the time Owen takes the stage, he's stoned on some powerful weed and proceeds to projectile vomit on Wiz and fall into a seizure. Rather than react normally to such a medical emergency, people record and post videos of the event, naming Owen "Seezjaboy." The videos go viral and Owen becomes an internet joke. Embarrassed, he decides to pack up and join the Marines, just as his dad (Blair Underwood) had done years before. Not to be refused, Jeff promises he will get Owen a recording contract by Friday, setting up a seemingly impossible deadline. Jeff hustles frantically, pressing everyone he knows to get him into a secret French Montana concert. There Jeff's sister, Alicia (Shelley Hennig), the girl of Owen's dreams, is singled out by French and whisked away. Owen now pursues Alicia, losing track of Jeff, who is still pursuing the producer. They are refused entry at French's after party, so they visit a strip joint and invite several scantily clad women along and the party's door opens. One stripper's jilted ex follows them and a fight ensues, resulting in bloody wounds and bruised egos. As Owen is en route to Marine training, Jeff calls with competing record contract offers from producers who have seen another viral video of Owen spontaneously rapping and getting into a fight.

The After Party (2018)

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This movie often drags, despite a solid performance by Kyle Harvey as Owen. Ironically, while he's endearing as an actor, his talents as a rapper, supposedly the gift that drives him in The After Party, seem a bit underwhelming. The movie is constructed as a fantasy in which every scene is propelled by some far-fetched goal: rapping in front of a producer, hanging with him at a concert, meeting him at an after-party. The energy the guys exert in overcoming many obstacles posed to these goals fuels the movie, but also obscures the fact that achieving the goals in no way guarantees Owen the riches, fame, or success he seems to seek.

Equally shaky is Owen's assumption that his career is over after one viral video as Seezjaboy. And also unrealistic is the idea that you can show up at Parris Island, the Marine training base, without enlisting first, or enlist and then just not show up owing to a last-minute recording contract. Just about every motivating, tension-building development in this plot is weak, if not downright false, which is funny since the movie's main message suggests that nothing is more important than authenticity. Older teens may be willing to suspend enough disbelief to enjoy this movie despite its flaws.

Following Sunday's political, empowering 75th annual Golden Globes ceremony in Los Angeles, the winners, nominees, and stars who attended cut loose at after-parties around town (pictured at the Netflix party: Stranger Things pals Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Shawn Levy and Noah Schnapp). Ahead, photos from the big night.

The only way to get access to all of this is to purchase a ticket to WCUS. For just $40, you get access to sessions, contributor day, lunch all three days, swag, and all the coffee you can handle. Please Note: If you wish to bring a guest to the after party, they will need to purchase their own ticket. Tickets will not be available for purchase at the after party entrance.

Love this article! I booked the Before Fireworks Dessert party with the Plaza Garden viewing for late August! All of the above mentioned foods, including the savoury foods and Toffee Cake, also put out for the Before fireworks party??

Once in the plaza garden viewing (if attending the after dessert party), do you know if you are able to leave and come back (for example to use the restroom if needed)? And did you think they were replenishing food for the after party just as much as for the before, or did you feel gipped? Lastly, how long did the party run for; were you rushed at all for the after party? Thank you!

Following different scandals that made him go viral for the wrong reasons, a rapper believes that his whole career is over. But with his friend taking him to a New York City after-party, he comes to...Read more realize that maybe it's not too late for a miracle to happen.

Following different scandals that made him go viral for the wrong reasons, a rapper believes that his whole career is over. But with his friend taking him to a New York City...Read more after-party, he comes to realize that maybe it's not too late for a miracle to happen.

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin buddy up for a photograph while attending the InStyle and Warner Bros. Party held after the 2018 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

You are the team lead to get the party started! You and your team will be processing a big load of people in a very short period of time. Make sure the right people get in and people, that have no place at the after-party, stay out. 041b061a72


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