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Buy Cassette Tapes Online !!TOP!!

We have 1000's of Cassette Music Tapes not as yet listed on our site. Just click the above blue box e-mail link OR email: to inquire about any available Classic Cassette Artists/Specific Titles you may be interested in.

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Limited edition cassette tapes and occasional vinyl records with a homemade/handmade feel. We've proudly released tapes/records for Rose Melberg, Blanket Truth, Your Heart Breaks, iji, Watercolor Paintings, and many more.

2020 has seen an increase in audio cassette sales, up about 100% from 2019. Countless bands and artists have been incorporating cassette tapes into their release plan even though mainstream audience have turned digital. Physical media is still preferred by some and provides a different kind of listening experience.

Vinyl records have similar limitations, although they tend to have better treble response than cassettes do. Both of these old analog formats also add a considerable amount of noise to the recording, which you can often hear as background hiss. Using a high-quality cassette deck or turntable helps, but neither of these formats can match the essentially noise-free performance of even the cheapest digital audio gear.

Because our stock changes every day, certain shells may require extra charges and add to your order turntime. We may request you change your order to a similar cassette shell colour in order to speed up turntime.

Experiencing a comeback, cassette tapes are a popular addition to your release, merch table, or web store. Solid-Merch is a leader in custom cassette duplication & manufacturing, with easy online customization and ordering. Choose from dozens of shell colors, as well as an assortment of 1-color imprint inks or full color labels. Complete your custom cassette package with a variety of plastic case colors, full color printed J-card inserts from 3 to 8 panels, and individual shrink wrapping. Additional available features include printed outer sleeves (O-cards) and hosted download cards to make your release stand out.

And you know what other analog format we think might see another resurgence in a year or two? THE analog format all 80s babies love. Yes, I am talking about cassette tapes! Last year, in the UK alone, over 65,000 cassettes were purchased by the great British music-buying public in the first six months of 2020 cassette sales were rising with over 65,000 cassette tapes were sold in the first half of the year.

These ways are not very different when executing the steps, what greatly differs them from each other is the medium used. The first way is the cassette to cassette, second is the CD to cassette, third is the vinyl to cassette, and fourth is the music on online streaming sites to cassette.

Same as the one above, you will have to connect the two equipment using an RCA cable, with the cable plugged into the RCA output of the turntable and the other end plugged into the RCA input of the cassette deck. And just like the first two ways, press play and record on the cassette deck, press start on the turntable, and then drop the needle on the track that you want.

After recording your own mixtape, you can design them in whatever way you want. You can buy j-cards, and cassette tape cases and design them too. You may use paint, like acrylic, stickers, washi tapes, colored markers, and more. After designing them, you can give your personalized mixtape as a gift to someone you want to give it to or maybe have it for yourself.

If new music is more your jam, it's out there too. Given the resurgence in popularity of reel to reel players over the past decade, many music production studios started producing new music on r2r tapes.

We've reviewed the best places online to buy new and used reel-to-reel music tapes so that you can begin to grow your collection. If you know of any other great places to buy pre-recorded r2r tapes, shoot us an e-mail to so we can add it to our list.

This online retailer of reel-to-reel tapes is based in the United States and offers everything from SACD to Vinyl. Acoustic Sounds was founded by Chad Kassem in 1986 and has grown to offer one of the largest selection of highest-quality music in a variety of formats including tapes and even some MARA's. They also have a healthy selection of music accessories and merchandise. Some of their most popular reels for sale include:

This Italian company is owned and run by musician/producer/sound engineer Roberto Vigo. Analogy Records produces contemporary artists in its onsite recording studio and distributes original master tapes rather than copies. With this site, your master tape will be made to order. Due to this, a range of tape formats, speeds, and EQ options are available. Some of their hits include:

Open Reel Records has a larger collection. The company is based in Italy and owned by a musician and sound engineer. They have both vintage options and original contemporaries, as well as the ever-loved live classical performances. For their masters, Open Reel Records only uses SM900 tapes from Recording the Master. A few of their pre-recorded tape reels include:

This Australian company founded in 2001 has a large collection of world music, tango, jazz of all types, spoken word, orchestra, opera, big band and classical. Quinton Records also has vinyl available in addition to their selection of reel tapes.

This Canadian company is a great way to collect the classics. Although, if Bach and Wagner are not your thing, Ultra Analogue Recordings has more modern options available too. The company tries to reproduce the sound of chamber music by using valve/tube electronics. A few of their recent tapes include:

This is a Grammy Awarded record site and is based out of the United States. Yarlung Records brings fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible. Their site offers a wide selection of CDs, Vinyl, Tape, DSD, and HD options at more than fair pricing. All their tapes are made to order, so leave a few weeks for delivery. A few of tapes from their selection include:

ATR Tape has a lot of options for both tape and reel to reel tape supplies. This is our go-to source. You can get Master Tape format or longer play MDS-36 format, even cassette tape is available. They have reasonable prices and the occasional sale.

Like ATR, this site sells a lot of different types of cassettes and reel to reel audio tapes in master and long play format. Recording The Masters audio tapes are made in France, based on the original AGFA and BASF specifications, which have a proven track record in performance for over 30 years in the professional audio recording industry.

We hope you found this post helpful for discovering places to buy new and used pre-recorded reel to reel tapes. As reel to reel player aficionados ourselves, we know just how much fun it is to bring home a new tape and play it for the first time in your home or commercial setup.

For cassettes, the print option can be found in the selection of print colours when configuring the Cassettes. For the boxes, the print option can be found as a separate product in the snapboxes / norelco-boxes category.

In 2022 the annual sales of cassette tapes increased by 5,2% to a total of 195,000 units. The best selling cassette album in 2022 was The Car, the seventh studio album by Arctic Monkeys. During the first three months it sold over 10,000 copies.

Today you can get anything from the new Taylor Swift album, Midnights to obscure Synthwave only released on bandcamp, on cassette. Bandcamp is by the way a great outlet to find cassette tapes on. More and more artists are releasing new music on cassette.

However, you should be aware that whilst some artists will release a large number of their cassettes, many still only releases a very limited run on cassette. So if you are looking at a specific artist it might be good to pre-order the cassette to ensure that you get it.

Well, more and more stores carry cassette tapes, however, the easiest way to buy them is still online. You might find most mainstream artists at Amazon and and even Walmart. For limited cassette runs and lesser known artists it gets a bit more tricky. The official artist websites, their bandcamp or record company usually have them for sale online. In some cases they only sell them on tour, but that is rare.

For lesser known artists or if you are looking for something new, I recommend Bandcamp. The artists get more of the revenue if you buy it of their bandcamp page than if you buy it from another middle man. And lots of smaller bands only sell their tapes through bandcamp.

A lot of the major artists are getting their back catalogue reissued on cassette these days. The major label reissues are usually fairly easy to find and are generally produced in relatively large quantities.

But sometimes a small cassette label will make a reissue and then it might be very limited runs, sometimes as few as 100 tapes or even less. In this case it is all about having the ear to the ground in order to find out about the release beforehand. Many times I have found out about a specific release late only to find out that they are completely sold out. This has been the case with artists such as Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane and Paradise Lost for example.

For the major label reissues, the same goes as for new releases. Online stores such as Amazon and the label websites. Many record stores carry them as well. The reissues by smaller labels are a bit more difficult. Some store carries them and some websites carry them, such as The best way is to follow the labels on Instagram and buy the tapes directly from them or their bandcamp page.

Back in the day everything was released on cassette and some smaller releases were only released on cassette. Like everything vintage, some are rare and expensive and some are available almost everywhere at a very low price. 041b061a72


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