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Mr. Turner, the new owner of the mall, wants to replace the dojo with a parking lot, which upsets the Wasabi Warriors. In order to improve their chances at keeping the dojo, Rudy wants his students to befriend Mr. Turner's son Arthur; however, it turns out that Arthur is a rude and spoiled child. After Arthur tries to attack Jack and Jack throws him at a wall, Mr. Turner is upset after Rudy promised that the dojo is a safe environment for Arthur to make friends and wants Jack to be kicked out of the dojo. Rudy refuses to kick Jack out and Mr. Turner tells him that he and the others have two hours to get out of the building; however, the Wasabi Warriors will not go down without a fight and Rudy has the others chain him up to a post in the dojo to protest. Later, Mr. Turner brings in a wrecking ball to scare the Wasabi Warriors into leaving, but it gets out of hand when Arthur actually tries to destroy the dojo. Jack takes it on himself to save the dojo and climbs onto the crane to stop the wrecking ball; however, he must first defeat Arthur, which he successfully does. After seeing what his son has done and what the dojo is about, Mr. Turner decides to let the dojo stay.

Everybody Gets Hurt It Is What It Is.rar

Milton invites his friends to participate in Swords and Magic, a LARP battle that takes place once a year, hoping that they will accept in order to support him since it is something he enjoys doing; however, they refuse out of fear that they will be made a laughing stock at the school. After his friends abandon him, Milton talks to Rudy about it, where he learns that Rudy is more than happy to participate in the LARP battle and support him. Later, the Dark Knight King Sidney shows up at the dojo to make fun of Milton and how he will fail. This makes Jack realize that he and the others should participate in order to support Milton; however, the others are still not sure. Jack then states how Milton has always been there for them and makes the others reminiscence about it. On the way to the park, where the battle is taking place, Jack, Jerry, Kim, and Eddie run into different problems after Eddie gets them lost when he takes them through what he believes to be a shortcut. When Jack, Milton, Jerry, and Kim finally arrive at the park, they notice that things are looking bad for Milton. Jack saves Milton just in time, and everyone then helps Milton win the battle.

Jerry takes the blame for a prank Milton pulls in the cafeteria and gets detention; unfortunately, detention happens to be on Saturday, the same day as the tournament at the dojo that Jerry's family will be attending. This detention is also a maximum security lockdown detention rather than a normal detention and is run by Mr. Coburn; however, since Mr. Coburn has never seen Jerry before, Jack comes up with a plan to pretend to be Jerry and have detention in his place so Jerry can go to the tournament. However, the plan goes wrong when Jerry's ego gets the best of him and he subconsciously admits he is the real Jerry and is put into detention. Later, Jack, Milton, and Kim come up with a plan to dress Milton up like Jerry and switch him with Jerry. At the school, Kim distracts Mr. Coburn by pretending to be a student who got sent to detention, while Jack and Eddie lower Milton down into the room via the ventilation system in the ceiling and switch him with Jerry. The rest of the students in detention later realize that the Jerry in there is actually Milton, who they think is a nerd, and start getting ready to hit him. but Milton tells them that he can also get out. Milton later reveals himself to Mr. Coburn, which upsets him because nobody has ever outsmarted him and escaped; however, Milton offers a deal to him that he will keep quiet and not ruin his perfect record if a few changes are made to detention, to which Mr. Coburn agrees. Later, it is time for Jerry's match in the tournament, but his friends do not know where he is. Rudy then finds him outside and learns that he is nervous about how his family will feel if he loses; however, Rudy reassures him that his family loves him no matter what. Jerry then takes on his opponent, but quickly loses; however, he is surprised to see that his family is still cheering for him.

Bobby Wasabi introduces his new Wasabitron 3000, a teaching machine so advanced that it will revolutionize karate, which Rudy uses to his advantage and takes the day off, leaving the Wasabitron 3000 in charge of teaching his class. Later, Milton talks to Eddie at Falafel Phil's about how he does not trust the robot and compares it to robot movies, where robots end up going bad and try to take over. Milton gets the idea to download the robot's operating system onto a flash drive to find out what makes it tick and later discovers that the way the system is configured, the robot cannot process erratic computational variances, meaning that when the robot realizes humans are not perfect, its circuitry will not accept it and it will become unpredictable and progressively more violent. Later, when Rudy returns from his day off and sees how much progress Jack, Jerry, and Kim have made without his help, he starts feeling down and talks to Bobby Wasabi in his office, who ends up firing him for being obsolete. Later, Jack, Jerry, and Kim start getting annoyed with the robot when it overworks Jack, tells Kim her breath smells from garlic, and thinks Jerry is a monkey. Jack wants to go and talk to Rudy to have him haul away the piece of junk, with which Jerry and Kim agree, but when they walk into his office, Jack, Jerry, and Kim discover that Bobby Wasabi has fired him. Jack, Jerry, and Kim find Rudy at his home and tell him that, while they are better at karate, they are miserable. Jack tells Rudy that they need and want him back at the dojo and admits that they all got caught up in the excitement of the Wasabitron 3000, but it is not Rudy. When Rudy tells them that the robot is a better teacher and that they do not need him, they assure him that they do need him, telling him that the robot is not their friend, he is. Touched by all the love and support, Rudy decides to fight for his dojo. Later, at the dojo, Bobby Wasabi starts to notice the robot's problems, just as Jack, Jerry, Kim, and Rudy show up and try to come up with a plan. The robot starts going haywire when it realizes that humans will never be perfect, but Milton and Eddie show up and reveal that they have been working on their own robot to take down the Wasabitron 3000; however, the Wasabitron 3000 easily crushes their robot. Everyone takes on the Wasabitron 3000 and tries to defeat it, but it easily overpowers them; however, when it cannot process the fact that the Wasabi Warriors know they cannot win, but will never give up, it short-circuits.

Jack and Jerry want tickets to see their favorite band Kung Fu Lightning perform and meet their idol Izzy Gunnar; however, when Jerry accidentally lets a lot of people cut in front of him while Jack is in the bathroom, they lose their chance at getting the tickets and must find another way. Jerry messes up again when he accidentally hangs up on the DJ, who is giving away two tickets, while stressed out about trying to find the phone the DJ was calling from. Later, when Jack and Jerry are at Falafel Phil's, they notice that Izzy is also there and ask him if he will give them tickets, to which he agrees after he realizes they are fans of his. When Izzy leaves and forgets his phone, Jack and Jerry go to return it to him, but notice that he has been ambushed by a couple of men. Jack and Jerry quickly take out the men, and Izzy is so impressed and thankful that he makes them his bodyguards. Later, Jack and Jerry meet Izzy's band, but after Izzy leaves, Lars fires them from being his bodyguards and has them kicked out. Lars is upset about not being the lead despite being the one who started the band. Later, when Jack and Jerry see Lars letting the two men who attacked Izzy come into the studio, they realize that Lars is the one who hired the men to attack Izzy and that they have to sneak back into the studio. After sneaking in by hiding in a chest, while Izzy is performing, Jack and Jerry see one of the men on the railing above the stage trying to cut a metal rope so that the thunderbolt prop it is holding drops on Izzy. Jack goes to stop him as the other man shows up to try to help the man Jack is trying to stop, but Jerry does not let him. Jack and Jerry are able to defeat the men, but the metal rope snaps; however, Jerry is quickly able to save Izzy. After Izzy learns of what Lars has done, he fires him.

It is the last day of school before summer vacation, and everyone gets their end-of-the-year career evaluations from their guidance counselors. Eddie is excited about his career evaluation, which says that he will be an archaeologist. Later, Eddie is talking to Rudy about how excited he is about his career evaluation and that he is going to spice it up by being a treasure hunter. Rudy is impressed and excited for Eddie and gives him a hat and bullwhip that Bobby Wasabi used in one of his classic movies in order to aid him on being a treasure hunter. Jack and the others walk in, and Jack is surprised that Eddie is still talking about his career evaluation and tells him that he told him that the career evaluations really do not mean anything. Kim tells Eddie that he comes from four generations of accountants, so she is surprised to hear that he is going through with archaeology. Milton tells Eddie that he is not exactly the explorer type, with which Jack, Jerry, and Kim agree. Eddie is not sure anymore and thinks the others are right and starts doubting himself. Rudy becomes upset and tells Jack, Milton, Jerry, and Kim that friends build each other up, not tear each other down. Everyone later realizes that Rudy is right and agrees to go exploring with Eddie, where they will set out to find three secret locations, with the last one containing a special treasure. The first location is at the bottom of Crescent Cove at the beach, while the second location is Kramer Woods. When the Wasabi Warriors reach the docks, their third destination, they are attacked by dockworkers, who know what they are looking for. A fight ensues, but the Wasabi Warriors are able to overpower the dockworkers and claim the treasure, which turns out to be a small rabbit figure. However, Eddie will always treasure it as it is a reminder about the adventure he went on with his friends, and Jack tells Eddie that he and the others will follow Eddie on any adventure he wants to go on from now on.


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